About the Cooking demonstration at JULES DESTROOPER!

Visit with cooking demonstration at the biscuit factory JULES DESTROOPER!
History of Destrooper:
Driven by passion, Jules Destrooper, a colonial trader, combined the best of the spices he imported from Africa and the East with the best of nature’s ingredients. That’s how he obtained a very unique flavour for the almond thin, a delicate biscuit that was to please generations of people all over the world. In that way, in 1886, the biscuiterie Jules Destrooper was founded.
Driver by the success of his product and by his natural talent, Jules Destrooper worked out his own recipe of a traditional Belgian butter wafer, which he successfully launched on the Belgian market in 1890. In 1911 the almond thin was rewarded with the prestigious golden award on the famous food show in Paris. Jules Destrooper, motivated by this international recognition, continued his efforts to improve the quality of his products. Several other national and international awards stimulated a first selective export.
The art of preserving the quality and the freshness of their products was one of the major concerns of the second and third generation of the Destrooper family. By means of an airtight aluminium packing method, the family succeeded to increase the shelf life of their natural and therefore delicate products up to nine months. This of course meant the first step to a world-wide exportation. From now on, gastronomes from the four corners of the world could enjoy the unique freshness, the delicate flavour and the crispiness of the original Destrooper biscuits. Moreover, in this period, a third delicious biscuit was baked: a sister for the butter wafer, the Paris wafer or butter crumble.
Today, the Jules Destrooper biscuits are the proud of the 4th generation. The biscuits are still based on the secret family recipe, as Jules Destrooper developed it. 125 years of experience naturally involve a lot of changes, the modern computer-aided production methods guarantee optimal quality and hygiene, but the founder’s original recipes will never be changed. Just as they were in 1886, Jules Destrooper biscuits are completely free of any kind of artificial colouring, flavouring or preservatives. Each biscuit is the honest product of our sustained desire to offer the best biscuits from creamery butter, fresh eggs, flour and selected sugars.
This youngest generation can also be very proud of a brand new line of chocolate covered biscuits. Several new biscuits have come to please all gastronomes: the Florentines with Almonds and Nuts, the Hazelnut Florentines with Crispy Rice (since 1991), and the Cinnamon Biscuits enrobed with chocolate (since 1993).
Welcome and guided visit of the visitor’s center Jules Destrooper during 60 minutes.
Afterwards, a fascinating cooking demonstration is organized in Jules Destrooper kitchen by a top chef. This biscuits of Jules Destrooper are processed in small creative dishes, a nice example of food pairing. We taste 5 appetizers with a glass of Cava or regional beer.
When leaving the biscuit factory, each participant receives a gift souvenir.
We end the day with a short guided walk through the small city of Lo.
Dinner in a nice restaurant in Lo.
This program is only possible on weekdays. There are no visits in July and August and between Christmas en New Year .

Cooking demonstration at JULES DESTROOPER!

  • Minimum number of participants: 20
  • Maximum number of participants: 30
  • Duration: 2h 30

A few highlights of the Cooking demonstration at JULES DESTROOPER!

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