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Belgian Coast Day Trip


Have you ever heard of shrimp fishing by horse… probably not? We’ll explain! Would you like to try locally caught and prepared seafood? Then this is the tour for you. We’ll travel by coach and visit the Flanders coast. The full-day Belgian Coast Day Trip also includes several war memorial sites and Belle Epoque architecture.

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Guided group tour of the Belgian coast


During this full-day visit to the Belgian coast we’ll combine cultural sights such as the Paul Delvaux Museum and the James Ensor house with train exhibits and rides in a historical coastal tram. Delvaux and Ensor were both influential innovators of modern art in Belgium. We’ll visit several Belle Epoque-style buildings and maritime places of interest.

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Team building on the Belgian coast


If you like the beach and the ocean, consider this fun event for your next corporate team building activity or incentive on the Belgian coast. Find out what wind energy really is and what it feels like! For 2 to 3 hours we’ll combine two adventure activities

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Visit the Belgian coast and experience the Belle Epoque


Visit the Belgian coast by historical coastal tram and go back in time, all the way to the Belle Epoque (1870 - 1914). This was a time when Europe’s middle class prospered and tourism became increasingly important. Several of the grandest buildings in the coastal towns of Blankenberge and De Haan have been restored and now offer a glimpse into that carefree and festive Belle Epoque era.

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