Culinary walking tour Brussels


A private culinary walking tour that combines a visit of Brussels on foot with dinner served in 3 different restaurants. On this unique walk through Brussels, we discover the city from different angles. In approximately five hours time we discover a few popular areas and the most important sites of the city center on foot. At the same time, during this walk we focus on some details showing us how Brussels is different from other cities in Belgium and Europe.

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Citytrip Brussels – The European Capital


About the Citytrip Brussels – Discovery of the European Capital in 3 days


Welcome by our guide on arrival Brussels is not only the capital of Belgium, but it is also home to the three key institutions of the European Union.

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Teambuilding Rally Brussels


Teams traverse through the streets of Brussels in search of the history and culture that brought this beautiful city to life. Each team receives twenty-five envelopes containing tasks that they have to complete. What would you do? Would you go for far away spots first or the ones nearby?

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Brussels Pub Crawl – find out what beer is supposed to taste like


Did you know that in the year 1900, Belgians drank an average of 200 litres of beer each year? Today, this was brought down to ‘only’ 72 litres per person, still an impressive amount. In this small country, there are approximately 180 breweries, from microbreweries to international giants exporting Belgian beer all over the world. We’re not sure how many pubs there are in Belgium, but we’ll show your group the best bars and pubs in Brussels, and have you taste Brussels’ best beer.

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Group Tours to Flanders, the Belgian coastline and Brussels – 3 or 5 days


Group Tours to Flanders, the Belgian coastline and Brussels Historic city centres, strolls through narrow streets full of old-world ambiance, centuries-old architecture, European grandeur, romantic canal cruises, beer and chocolate tastings, diamonds, a sophisticated coastline, Belgian beaches, and world-famous statues of a demon and a little boy answering nature’s call… your group will find it all on our 3 or 5-day tours of Belgium’s major cities.

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Garden Tours in Flanders – a Feast for the Senses


Make this Spring a happy one, and come enjoy the sights and smells of Flanders’ parks and gardens when your group takes part in one of our Garden Tours Belgium. You’ll be surprised how many Belgian gardens can be found in and around Belgium’s famous historical settings. This tour covers gardens in Brussels, Ghent and Bruges and their surrounding areas, and we’ll make sure your tour members will find a good balance between garden visits, historical sights, delicious meals, city strolls and fascinating discoveries!

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