Learn everything there is to know about real Belgian chocolate on this guided Brussels Chocolate Tour. Select, taste and decide for yourself if Brussels is rightfully called the capital of chocolate. This tour is a must for every chocolate lover out there.

About the Brussels chocolate tour

Belgium is rich in culture, architecture – and of course, delicious chocolate. There’s a reason Brussels is called the capital of chocolate! But how did this come about? Find out everything you want to know about cacao, chocolate and its place in the history of Brussels, on this Belgian Chocolate Tour. You will learn to select, taste and appreciate quality Belgian chocolate like never before and become a real Belgian chocolatier.

Brussels chocolate tour

  • Minimum number of participants: 20
  • Maximum number of participants: 50
Brussels Chocolate Tour

Become a Belgian chocolatier

During the Chocolate Tour we will invite you to a workshop hosted by our best chocolatier, who will teach you how to make your very own pralines.

The Brussels Chocolate Tour is a fun day full of sweets, and can be wonderfully combined with an incentive programme or one of our dozens of other activities.

A few highlights of the Brussels chocolate tour

Add the chocolate tour to your incentives trip to Brussels

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