About crossbow archery Teambuilding in the Marolles, Brussels

A team building activity involving crossbow archery might be perfect for your next corporate outing. It’s remarkable how many people have always wanted to try it, and now they can! We will take you on a medieval trip to the oldest guild of Belgium, officially recognised in 1213 by the Duke of Brabant and with ties to the earliest history of Brussels. Almost all Belgian kings, the Archduchess Isabelle, the Count of Egmont and Charles V. accepted the Grand Mastership of this guild. Traditions passed down through generations are still alive today.

Now it’s time for your team to undergo a short initiation in archery by a master marksman, after which you will all be tested and we’ll decide once and for all who the real marksman in your team is. We guarantee you this crossbow archery team building activity will make for a fun and challenging day for your team. We will focus on individual as well as team achievements throughout the session.

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Crossbow Archery Teambuilding in the Marolles, Brussels

  • Minimum number of participants: 15
  • Maximum number of participants: 40
  • Duration 2h 30m

A few highlights of the Crossbow Archery Teambuilding