Culinary walking tour Brussels

A private culinary walking tour that combines a visit of Brussels on foot with dinner served in 3 different restaurants.

On this unique walk through Brussels, we discover the city from different angles. In approximately five hours time we discover a few popular areas and the most important sites of the city center on foot. At the same time, during this walk we focus on some details showing us how Brussels is different from other cities in Belgium and Europe.

So is Brussels clearly related to the world comics and cartoons, bringing us a special story and brighten our walls. These murals create a cheerful and exuberant atmosphere and have since their application in 1993 became one of the attractions of the city. Meanwhile, there is already a real comic strip route outlined in Brussels and Laken.

Nevertheless the main focus on this walk is showing the gastronomic assets Brussels has to offer. In this evening program, we will dine in 3 different restaurants. Each restaurant has its own character and specific decoration, ranging from trendy-lounge style to elegant interior design in an historical context.

Culinary walking tour Brussels

  • Minimum number of participants: 15
  • Maximum number of participants: Unlimited

A few highlights of the gastro walk Brussels

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