Group tour by coastal tram from De Panne to Knokke

During this full-day visit to the Belgian coast we’ll combine cultural sights such as the Paul Delvaux Museum and the James Ensor house with train exhibits and rides in a historical coastal tram. Delvaux and Ensor were both influential innovators of modern art in Belgium. We’ll visit several Belle Epoque-style buildings and maritime places of interest.

Guided group tour of the Belgian coast

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Group tour Belgian Coast

Delvaux and Ensor: learn about their influence on Belgian modern art

Leaving from the tram depot in De Panne, a historical coastal tram will take us to Koksijde to visit the Paul Delvaux Museum. You will be able to immerse yourself in the life of this world-famous surrealist painter (1897 – 1994). Not only do they show the largest collection anywhere of his work, but you’ll find many of his personal belongings as well. Delvaux admired women, trains and railway stations and the museum shows many of his model trains and artefacts. In Ostend we’ll visit the James Ensor house (1860 – 1949), where we’ll find an evocative exhibit of this major innovator of modern art in Belgium.

Visit Nieuwpoort

The coastal tram will take us to the fishing port town of Nieuwpoort, known for the King Albert I monument and its locks that played an important role during WWI.

Ostend and De Haan: maritime sights and Belle Epoque

A two-hour walk through Ostend will show us the maritime sights and royal galleries. The coastal tram will then take us to the seaside resort of De Haan, where most buildings date from the Belle Epoque era (late 19th, early 20th century). The tram will take us to the terminus and depot in Knokke, where this unique visit to the Belgian coast will end.

Group tour Nieuwpoort

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