Outdoor team building on the Belgian coast

If you like the beach and the ocean, consider this fun event for your next corporate team building activity or incentive on the Belgian coast. Find out what wind energy really is and what it feels like! For 2 to 3 hours we’ll combine two adventure activities: sand yachting and kite flying on the beach of Westende. Find out who the fastest team member and best pilot is. Who will have the most fun flying a kite – just like you did when you were a child…

Team building on the Belgian coast

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Team building on the Belgian coast

Outdoor team building activity: Sand yachting

Sand yachting, or land sailing, is a racing sport where a wheeled vehicle moves across land, powered by wind through the use of a sail, and controlled by a pilot. We’ll introduce you briefly to this outdoor activity, and then you’ll become the pilot! You’ll be close to the ground, going faster than the wind, so this is quite a spectacular sport. The combination of beach, sand, speed and outdoor activities is an entirely unique way to treat your team or group!

Outdoor team building activity: Kite flying

Did you ever go kite flying as a child? Anyone can fly a kite, and it is especially fun to do this at the beach. You can experience the power of the wind and enjoy the sight of your colourful kite dangling in the sky, with the sound of the waves in the background.

Outdoor team building activity: Barbecue

A day at the beach ends of course with a barbecue. Enjoy the magnificent views and relax with your group after these fun outdoor activities.

Team building on the Belgian coast

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