About the Belgium Food Tour: Belgium for Foodies

Have you ever heard of Gruut beer, waterzooi, neuzekes, Flemish foodies or jenever? Well, at the end of this 3-day Belgium food tour and culinary walk, your whole group will be well versed in these important elements of Belgian cuisine. You will enjoy every culinary minute, learning about, eating, preparing and tasting the best food Belgium, and in particular Ghent, has to offer.

Belgium Food Tour

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Belgium Food Tour

Culinary walking tour through Ghent and Brussels

We’ll start of with chocolate… of course! Visiting a real chocolate manufacturer both in Brussels and Ghent, tasting, and actually making chocolates. You’ll learn the secrets of the trade, and at the end you can call yourself a real ‘chocolatier’. We’ll make sure to not only eat, but also walk… a city tour in Brussels and Ghent, during which our experienced tour guides will show you the sights of this historical city.

Highlights of Belgian cuisine

Gruut beer is a locally brewed beer, using a mixture of herbs instead of hop. We’ll give you a glimpse behind the scenes of the Gruut brewery. And did you know that Belgian beer is an ingredient in many typical dishes? You’ll enjoy a 3-course beer menu and we’re sure you’ll love it!

The famous ‘waterzooi’, a traditional Belgian dish originally from Ghent, is a boiled stew of chicken (or fish). Our personal chef will teach how to prepare this, and some other delicious dishes.

A ‘neuzeke’ (little nose), is a cone-shaped Belgian candy, purple and raspberry-flavoured. We’ll have you taste some; and make sure you take some home as well.

For those of you not familiar with ‘jenever,’ this is the very popular, juniper-flavoured traditional liquor of Belgium, brewed in a local distillery. You can’t leave town without having tried it.

Brussels Food Tour

Flemish foodies

One of the highlights of your three-day tour will be a visit to one of the ‘Flemish foodies’ restaurants. Your gastronomic tour would not be complete without it. The Flemish foodies are a group of creative young chefs that are making a name for themselves using local ingredients from the nearby sea and countryside, using them in creative top-notch dishes.

Highlights of the Belgium Food Tour

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