Citytrip Brussels – The European Capital


About the Citytrip Brussels – Discovery of the European Capital in 3 days


Welcome by our guide on arrival Brussels is not only the capital of Belgium, but it is also home to the three key institutions of the European Union.

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A tour in the Lys Region by historical 2CV car


About the Tour by historical 2CV car through the Lys area

Departure/end: Castle of Ooidonk (Sint Martens-Leerne/Deinze).
Teams of 4 people will drive a 2CV car through the idyllic landscape of the Lys region. We follow a track along peaceful roads and touristic attractions including […]

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Belgium Bicycle Tours


Are you ready for a cycling adventure in Belgium? Join us and see Belgium from a different point of view, literally! Focus Flanders has many different ‘Belgium Bicycle Tours’ available; there’s something for everyone.

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Pilgrimage Tour to Belgium: visit Belgium’s famous pilgrimage sites


During your pilgrimage tour to Belgium our professional guides will place Belgium in a new light: a country that is full of unique religious sites that draw visitors from all over the world. From Belgian monasteries to Belgian shrines, our tours attract both those groups looking for a catholic tour as those interested in historic cultural and architectural sights.

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Belgium Food Tour


Have you ever heard of Gruut beer, waterzooi, neuzekes, Flemish foodies or jenever? Well, at the end of this 3-day Belgium food tour and culinary walk, your whole group will be well versed in these important elements of Belgian cuisine. You will enjoy every culinary minute, learning about, eating, preparing and tasting the best food Belgium, and in particular Ghent, has to offer.

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Belgium by Train – Train World Group Tours


This highly original 5-day tour, where your group will travel through Belgium by train, and will sleep in the new Train Hostel Schaarbeek, will delight railway enthusiasts young and old. Train travel is kind of magic … and we will immerse you in everything having to do with trains!

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Tour of Belgium: Experience the Best of Belgium


Focus Flanders gives you—and your clients, employees, or customers—the chance to experience the best of Belgium with our custom-designed Belgium Tours. Let us present you with a three-day tour during which you will visit Brussels, the crossroads of Europe, Bruges and Ghent, where you will experience true medieval towns, and last-but-not-least Antwerp, known as the centre of commerce, and by that we mean diamonds…

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