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Culinary walking tour Brussels


A private culinary walking tour that combines a visit of Brussels on foot with dinner served in 3 different restaurants. On this unique walk through Brussels, we discover the city from different angles. In approximately five hours time we discover a few popular areas and the most important sites of the city center on foot. At the same time, during this walk we focus on some details showing us how Brussels is different from other cities in Belgium and Europe.

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Pub tour by horse tram in Antwerp


About the Pub tour by horse tram in Antwerp

Pub tour by horse tram with a beer dinner in a historical cave restaurant.

Meet and greet by our guide-beerologist on the Square ‘Grote Markt’ ( or other place at wish) . Start of a three hour tour by horse-drawn tramcar . We […]

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Belgium Food Tour


Have you ever heard of Gruut beer, waterzooi, neuzekes, Flemish foodies or jenever? Well, at the end of this 3-day Belgium food tour and culinary walk, your whole group will be well versed in these important elements of Belgian cuisine. You will enjoy every culinary minute, learning about, eating, preparing and tasting the best food Belgium, and in particular Ghent, has to offer.

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A gastronomic journey across Antwerp


Let us show you the gastronomic side of Antwerp. This medieval city, Europe’s second largest harbour, famous for its diamond district, world-renowned fashion designers, medieval city centre and baroque painters, has a thriving culinary scene as well.

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A culinary evening in Ghent – a Ghent walking tour that explores the city’s culinary and historic treasures


This guided tour through the historic city of Ghent will treat your taste buds to many of the region’s culinary delights. We will serve your group with carefully selected dishes, served in 3 or 4 different typical Ghent locations. Our Ghent food guide will steer you through Ghent’s meandering roads, along many of the city’s famous sights. You learn, you eat, you learn, you eat… and you will enjoy!

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